5th – 8th May Dunlop Cup -4 to 0 3 v 3
12th-15th May Chaplin Cup -4 to 0  3 v 3
21st- 22nd May Spring Tournament   0 to 2  
26th – 29th May Parkinson Cup -4 to 0 3 v3
4th – 5th June QUEENS JUBILEE    
9th – 12th June King’s Garn Cup -4 to 0 3 v 3
18th – 19th June Kuseyo Cup  0 to 2  
25th – 26th June Rudkin Cup -4 to 0 3 v 3
2nd – 3rd July Chairmen’s Cup (League Final) -4 to 0 3 v 3
9th – 10th July WIP Women’s Festival  6 to 8 & 10 to 12 Women In Polo
16th – 17th July COWDRAY GOLD CUP    
17th July Clitheroe Cup Tedworth team challenge    
23rd – 24th July Barfoot Bowl -4 to 0  
30th – 31st July TBA    
6th – 7th August TBA    
13th – 14th August  Blue Jackets Tournament  4 to 6  
20th – 21st August Siamese Cup -6 to 0  
27th – 28th August Holly Hill Cup -4 to 0  
3rd – 4th September TBA    
10th – 11th September Farewell Cup -2 to 0  
17th – 18th September TBA    



If you would like to provisionally enter one or more of our summer tournaments or club weekends please send an email to


Polo is a highly dangerous sport, with the risk of serious injury and/or death and/or damage to players, spectators, and property. As such there are risks to all who are present at the New Forest Polo Club and Polo Grounds, whether a polo game is in play or not.

  • Everyone at the Club agrees that they are present entirely at their own risk.
  • You agree that by being present at the Club you will watch the movement of the ball and horses at all times. You also agree that you will keep yourself, your children, and your property out of the safety zone area.
  • Risk of low flying polo balls at any time
  • All visitor/spectator access to the field of play, pony lines, lorry parking areas and equipment is strictly prohibited.
  • Anyone present at the Club who brings children to the Club is responsible for supervising them at all times and for ensuring their safety.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.
  • Alcohol may only be consumed by those over the age of 18.
  • Barbecues, fires, and fireworks are strictly prohibited.
  • Drones and professional photography are strictly prohibited.
  • Beware of uneven ground and other trip hazards.

The Club accepts no liability whatsoever for any injury, death, loss, or damage of any kind suffered by any person, their animals, or their property while present at the Club.